Paper work after the Match and Filing for Visas- Updated



I am writing this to share my experience of all the paper work after the match. As soon as you match you should immediately get in touch with the coordinator and ask for all the relevant paper work. Do not shy away from calling and repeatedly contacting him/her. Don’t be rude but be persistent as they have lots of work to do and some times your work can slip off their mind. So a gentle reminder can be helpful to both.

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Arsalan Siddiqui Presentation

Please find the presentation that Arsalan Siddiqui made for the DOW Medical College students.

Please download the file at the following link Arsalan Siddiqui Presentation (1959)

Studying For Step 1 During College

First of all, I apologize for being extremely late in addressing this issue.


There has been a great deal of concern about taking steps during medical college. People have wondered about the challenges associated with taking steps during medical

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